Translation, localisation and proofreading service

Do you need assistance with translations? copywriting? setup?


Markmál specializes in technical translations for companies and individuals. Our specialized team is made up of linguists that have dedicated their University research to technical terminology.

Whether you need a translation of software applications, product instructions or a webpage, our team of qualified translators is constantly ready to meet your needs.

We translate to and from English, German, Polish and Icelandic. If other languages are required we are associated with a number of experienced freelance translators that are qualified to handle those projects.


Document Consultation and Copywriting

Do you require a translation in Icelandic, English, German or Polish? Our translation team has vast knowledge in the professional arena and immense experience in various types of copywriting.

We appreciate the importance of clarity in complex writing and believe that precision and readability contribute equally to a well written technical text. Expertly handled texts handled by professionals improve a company’s level of respectability.

If not provided with background material or reference documents, Markmál will handle all the research your project requires. We have access to regularly updated technical and industrial glossaries. Our copywriters work in close collaboration with our layout designer to enhance the accessibility and presentation of your material. We strive to make the content and layout of your project as readable and attractive to your target audience as possible.

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We guarantee professional and precise treatment of technical texts of various types at a fair price. Our experienced personnel have vast knowledge in the professional arena and we strive to provide our customers with dependable and expeditious service.

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